The Hands-Free
Dog Waste Carrier

It’s no fun carrying a bag full of your dog’s poo around in your hand while you are walking your dog.

BagSnag will carry it for you! Simply attach the BagSnag to your leash, attach your bag of poo and it will carry it for you until you are ready to properly dispose of it.

Features and Benefits of BagSnag

  • Small, lightweight design
  • Made from 100% recyclable material.
  • Waterproof
  • Simple slip-in design makes it extremely easy to use
  • Allows your bag of poo to be carried hands free
  • Can be attached anywhere on the leash, making it convenient and out of the way, based on each individuals needs.
  • Can carry multiple bags for walking multiple dogs or long walks.
  • Durable design means years of worry-free use.

How to use BagSnag:


Attach the BagSnag to any part of your leash that you choose using the Ziptie provided.


Tie a knot in the bag of poo and slip the bag into the slot with the knot to either side.


To remove, simply lift the bag out of the BagSnag and properly dispose.